How to Fix a WiFi Pause of Piso

If you are experiencing a WiFi pause of piso, this is probably due to a weak WiFi signal. Your location can affect how far your WiFi signal travels. In addition to that, you may be having trouble logging into your portal or resetting your password. If you are having trouble with either, read on for some useful tips. Read on to learn how to fix this issue.

Feature of Piso Wi-Fi

If you want to have an internet connection on your smartphone, you may want to consider the new Piso Wi-Fi pause feature. This new service allows you to pause your connection time when your connection has reached its capacity. Piso Wi-Fi is an Android application that was developed for the Philippines market, and it will be expanding its service worldwide in the future. The pause option is designed to prevent data usage, but it does not stop you from using the internet.

You can unpause Piso WiFi from any device by visiting the address in your browser. This will allow you to quickly return to the Internet and resume browsing after the pause time has expired. Once you have completed the pause process, you will have to confirm that you want to resume internet access with the device. You will also be able to see visual cues to let you know that the network is paused.

IP address

If you are having trouble connecting to your Piso WiFi device, then it’s most likely due to a technical problem with the device. You might be using an incorrect IP address, or you might be trying to connect to your Piso WiFi device from a different location. If you’re unsure about the IP address of your Piso WiFi device, you can find out by going to

After connecting to the Piso WiFi, you’ll need to enter the administrator’s panel password. The password must be at least eight characters long and contain upper and lower case letters and a special character. If you don’t enter the correct password, your browser won’t be able to connect to the Piso WiFi pause time. Then, you can restart the Piso WiFi service.

Issues with logging into portal

If you have issues logging into the Piso portal, the problem may be related to the Wi-Fi settings of your device. In order to login to the portal, you must first register for an account. Login to the official website and follow the prompts. In case you don’t have an account yet, click on the link provided on the email to create one. Once you have successfully created your account, you can log in to the portal.

You can get help from Piso support agents if you have any issues logging into the Piso portal. For this, you need to have a valid email ID and a phone number. You will have to provide your personal details and the login details to the customer support agent. Once you provide this information, they will provide you with additional instructions. You must also make sure that your internet browser is compatible with the Piso portal.

Problems with resetting password

The Piso WiFi portal allows you to change the default username, IP address, and password. If you are having problems resetting the password, try registering on the website using your administrator login ID. You can then change the settings on your Piso WiFi by following the instructions in the email you receive. You should not use the default password, as this can be easily guessed by others.

Final Words:

To reset the password on Piso Wifi, log into the Admin Portal. Sign in using your admin login ID and click “Forgot Password.” Fill in the required information and click the “Reset password” button. If the process is successful, you will receive a link to reset your password. To make sure the password reset has worked, restart your devices.

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