Piso WiFi 10.0 0.1 Pause – How to Pause Your Internet Connection

The Piso wifi 10.0 0.1 gate is the IP address that is assigned to your connection. You can use this IP address to control various settings, including the pause time machine. This feature lets you stop internet hours or data usage altogether. By doing this, you can save money on your internet plan. However, you should check your usage limitations before starting a new one. After all, you don’t want to spend too much money on internet hours, right?


The Piso WiFi 10.0 0.1 pause function allows you to suspend and resume internet connection anytime you want. You can do this by accessing the IP address. You can use this to check the remaining data and validity of your connection. During pause, you can go to your router or to the internet. There are various benefits of using Piso WiFi pause. You can easily find out more about this function from the following paragraphs.

The most important feature of the Piso WiFi pause is the ability to pause internet connection. Using this feature is beneficial for those who need to download large files, stream videos, and play games online. WiFi networks broadcast two identifiers to identify devices. The pause identifier is sent to the router when the device disconnects from the network. It is normally set to 255 to identify the device.


The piso wifi 10.0 0.1 pause time function allows you to temporarily disconnect from the internet. The pause function is very useful for activities such as downloading large files, watching videos, or playing online games. WiFi networks broadcast two unique identifiers, which are used by the router to recognize your device. The pause identifier is set to 255 by default and is broadcast whenever your device disconnects from the wifi network.

To start using the Piso Wifi, first login to the official web portal. Select the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Select the settings of your account. Finally, restart all your connected devices. The Piso Wifi portal will provide you with an overview of the various options and settings that you can customize. The internet connection will be available again after you log in and make any necessary changes.

Customer support

In case of any problems, you can contact Piso wifi pause customer support team. This is because Piso wifi has the option to pause internet connection anytime. The pause button is located on the Piso wifi portal. The customer can access the portal through any computer or home router. However, if you’re using a mobile device, you should contact your mobile network provider for assistance. Piso wifi pause customer support team will help you solve the problem.

If you’ve been paying for a subscription plan, you’ll have to go to the website of Piso Wifi. There, you can log in using your user id and password to pause your connection. Piso wifi 10.0 0.1 pause customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have. They’ll also be able to guide you through the process of resuming internet access.


If you’re wondering how to pause your internet connection, then all you need to do is visit the address on your computer. You’ll be prompted to choose whether or not to allow connections. You’ll also be given the option to invest a certain amount of money in the service. Then, you can choose to pause your internet connection at any time. The piso wifi pause function is particularly useful for people who want to download large files, watch movies, or play games online. The reason behind the pause time function is that the WiFi network broadcasts two identifiers. One of them is the pause identifier, which is normally set to 255. When a device reconnects to a wifi network, the router will recognize the identity of the device and will not broadcast any data until you tell it.

Final Words:


Another feature of Piso Wifi¬† is its unique IP address. It allows you to connect to up to 200 devices at once. This allows for cheap internet access, and the IP address is reusable. Because of its unique design, it is also convenient to use while on the go. The company has even developed an app for Android users to use Piso Wifi for free. This app offers cheap internet, and users don’t have to worry about contract restrictions.

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