How to Use XResolver to Find People Playing Online Games

XResolver is a useful database service that logs IP addresses and gamertags of online gamers. The service can also help you blacklist your IP address. This is a valuable tool for anyone who loves to play online games. You can use it to prevent unwanted interactions with other online gamers.

XResolver is a database service that logs IP addresses and gamertags of users

If you’ve ever wondered if your opponents are cheating, you can now find out. XResolver is a free service that logs IP addresses and gamertag details of players. You can get a gamertag for almost anyone just by entering their IP address in the service. XResolver also provides tools for blacklisting certain Gamertags, preventing anyone from tracking you.

To start using XResolver, you should register at its official website


After you register, you should validate your IP address and username. Then, you can start using the service. You can store as many IP addresses as you want. The free version lets you see up to three results at a time, while the premium version allows for an unlimited number of results.

You can use XResolver for free, but it is recommended to upgrade to premium in order to get unlimited space


Premium users can also choose to purchase scraper protection, which protects their information. Premium accounts also allow users to permanently blacklist a single Gamertag. It is important to protect your privacy when playing online games, so using XResolver is a good idea.

XResolver is a popular service among gamers



It logs IP addresses and gamertags of online gamers and makes statistics available. Users can pay $7.99 monthly for the service. Payment can be done via credit card, debit card, or cashApp. The service is also available on Android and iOS devices.

It allows you to blacklist your IP address

If you’re a gamer and want to avoid being booted from a game, you can use an IP blacklisting service such as XResolver. This service allows you to blacklist your IP address and prevent it from being associated with other players’ gamertags. It also lets you contact your ISP to change your IP address. Blacklisting is not an easy process, but it can protect you from being banned from games and getting listed in the database.

XResolver’s free service allows you to blacklist up to 25 IPs and usernames


A premium account can store unlimited IPs. Users can also delete their account after 3 months if they’re not active. The application is easy to install and works well.

XResolver is available for Windows and Mac computers, and is designed for gaming. The software logs IP addresses and gamertags and is useful for combating cyber-bullying and revenge.


It can also be used for DDOS attacks


However, the free version does not have all the features you’ll need to block your IP address in online games. You can use the program on any computer that has an internet connection and an internet browser. This software can be downloaded for free on the website xresolver.

XResolver also lets you track down other gamers by their IP address


It’s free to download, but you have to register to get access to the premium features. Premium access will unlock more features and provide more protection. Premium access will allow you to blacklist your IP address for up to ten years. XResolver also allows you to protect yourself against third-party booter attacks.

It is a valuable tool for those who love to play online games

XResolver is a website that analyzes IP addresses and resolves gamertags. In addition to this, it is also capable of blocking certain players. This website has been used by many gamers to prevent cheating and other kinds of online harassment. It also offers 24/7 support and helpful tutorials. What’s more, it’s completely malware-free!

Using xResolver is free and can help you avoid being blacklisted


Its database contains over 20 million results and cannot be accessed by multiple users or anyone else without your permission.However, it’s important to note that the IP address you’re providing must be authenticated.This can help prevent the IP address from being used by malicious users and hackers.

Another benefit of xResolver is its ability to protect your identity


It collects public data on your opponent, including their IP address, username, geolocation, and ISP. This information can help you understand your opponent better and devise a winning strategy.

There are premium and free versions of xResolver


You can choose the free version if you only wish to monitor a handful of players. However, you can use the premium version if you want to use all of the features. Moreover, premium access will allow you to store up to 25 million results, create multiple pages, and track IP addresses and opponent details.


XResolver stores your IP address, which you can access if you have a legitimate need for this data. To access the data, you’ll have to register for xResolver by providing your name and email address. After that, you can search for a specific gamer and see his IP address.

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