Zack Morris Trader – A Stock Trader That Makes a Ton of Money

If you are a fan of Saved by the Bell, you might be familiar with the show’s protagonist Zack Morris Trader. The sarcastic character is known for breaking the fourth wall on numerous occasions.

On Wednesday, the SEC filed charges against several Twitter stock influencers for allegedly pumping and duping investors. Among the group is Morris, who runs a Twitter account with more than 551,000 followers.

Atlas Trading

Atlas Trading was a community of stock Zack Morris Trader that had over 150,000 members as of early 2021. Traders could join Atlas Trading for free and find out how to trade stocks, crypto and NFTs with the help of its Discord chatroom.

Founders of Atlas Trading

The SEC recently indicted the founders of Atlas Trading, Edward Constantin and Perry Matlock. They are alleged to have engaged in a scheme to artificially boost share prices of small-cap stocks and earned about $100 million over the course of three years.

Twitter and Discord Accounts

One of the key elements in the scam was a group of Twitter influencers that called themselves “stock gurus.” The people behind this scheme used their Twitter and Discord accounts to promote stock picking and pump penny stocks the alleged traders had positions in. They then dumped those shares after their followers drove the price high enough, generating profits for themselves.

The group’s leaders included the Twitter persona of Edward Constantin aka Zack Morris Trader and Perry Matlock aka PJ Matlock. They also included Thomas Cooperman, Gary Deel, Mitchell Hennessey, Stefan Hrvatin and John Rybarcyzk.


GameStop is a US-based retailer that specialises in video games, consumer electronics and gaming merchandise. Its business model is to sell these items through a combination of physical and online retail stores across the US, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Japan.

The company’s main profit generator is through the sale of used games, which it can control the margin on. It also has a trade-in program, which lets customers sell their old consoles and games for cash or trade credits.

However, it’s not without its problems. The company’s trade in program has a poor reputation for offering low trade-in values, which means it’s not the best option if you want to get rid of your old games quickly.

Latest Escapades

The story of how GameStop went from being a stock that many Wall Street analysts considered to be in decline to one of the most shorted stocks on the market has popped up again and again, thanks to an amateur trader dubbed “Zack Morris.” This is his first appearance in our guide, but we’ll revisit him in later posts for his latest escapades.

AMC Entertainment

AMC Entertainment is a leading provider of movie theatres. The company owns and operates theaters in the United States and China.

AMC’s core business is generating revenues through the sale of ticket sales and concession products. The company has 940 theaters and more than 10,500 screens in North America.

Regal Entertainment Group and Cinemark Theatres

As its name implies, AMC is a major player in the American movie theater market, with the largest share of the industry ahead of Regal Entertainment Group and Cinemark Theatres. The Leawood, Kansas-based chain is also a leading operator in China and holds 86 locations there.

During the 1980s, AMC founder Stanley Durwood pursued an aggressive growth strategy by building large complexes with as many as 12 screens. This strategy consolidated operations costs and spread them over a larger revenue base, resulting in better profitability.

But, by the end of the decade, AMC had grown too big for its britches. Its debt soared to a staggering $380 million.


Zack Morris Trader is a trader that makes a ton of money. He is known for his ticker call-outs like $CEI, $AMC, $FUBO, and others. He is also a prominent voice on Twitter and discord trading group called Atlas Trading.

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Final Words:

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