WPC15 Silicone Cap for KCD1 (Wide)

WPC15 Alstone is the first Indian company to manufacture silicone sealant. In 2011, the company imported German technology and installed state-of-the-art machinery in Rajasthan. The general-purpose silicone is used in interior application areas such as gaps. It comes in three colors: white, transparent, and metallic. It has good bonding strength and can be applied on wet surfaces. In addition, the product is suitable for high-temperature applications and is environmentally friendly.

Most Popular General-Purpose Silicone

GP-300 is the most popular general-purpose silicone sealant in 280-ml cartridges. It can be purchased in most major cities in India. This sealant is made from a pure silicone polymer. Its elongation and tensile strength are superior. It is also VOC-free. It gives a beautiful finish and doesn’t cause a foul odor. In addition, it’s safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Flexibility & Elastic Bonding Properties

WPC15 Silicone has a fantastic finish. Its unique PU adhesive provides a secure and robust bond to panels and profiles. Moreover, this material is suitable for use in building materials. Its flexibility and elastic bonding properties make it an excellent choice for cladding, thermal insulation, and soundproofing. It also fuses well with wood laths. Its elasticity makes it ideal for exterior applications.

Elastic Bonding of Plastics

WPC’s PU adhesive is an ideal general-purpose silicone. It’s specially developed as a universal building adhesive, and it’s suited for elastic bonding of plastics, metals, and ceramics. The WPC PU adhesive is compatible with common substrates such as plastic and wood laths. In addition, its VOC-free and pH-neutral formula makes it an excellent choice for use in exterior and interior applications.

Low Acidic Smell

As a general-purpose silicone, PU adhesives are suitable for all applications. It is ideal for bonding panel substrates and profiles made of wood, plastic, or metal. Besides, it is also compatible with common adhesive materials, such as metal and ceramic. The WPC’s PU-300 is available in a 280-ml cartridge and can be bought in all cities of India. In addition to being a general-purpose silicone, WPC15 is VOC-free and has a low acidic smell.

Tropical Conditions

The WPC15 GP-300 has been specifically designed for hot, tropical conditions in India. It comes in cartridge form, 280 ml, and is available in all major cities. It’s a general-purpose silicone that provides a beautiful finish. It’s also VOC-free and has a low acidic odor. It can be used on different surfaces, including doors, windows, and furniture.

100% Pure Polymer

The WPC GP-300 is a general-purpose silicone that is used in a wide range of applications. Its general-purpose silicone is a 100% pure polymer that provides better elongation and tensile strength. It’s safe for outdoor and indoor use. Moreover, a VOC-free product will not affect the environment. In contrast, a PU-300 is a universal adhesive suitable for all types of applications.

15-Year Warranty

The WPC15  GP-300 is designed to meet the needs of Indian fabricators and builders. It comes in 280 ml cartridges and is available in all major cities in India. Its GP-300 offers an excellent finish and is VOC-free. It is available in all major cities and has a 15-year warranty. It is an ideal choice for outdoor and indoor projects alike. While the GP-300 is an excellent general-purpose silicone, the only disadvantage is that it comes with an expensive price tag.

High Temperatures & Humidity

A general-purpose silicone is an excellent choice for outdoor applications. It can withstand high temperatures and humidity. Its low acidic odor makes it an ideal option for exterior use. It can also be used in hot climates. It is also resistant to a variety of weather conditions. WPC15 Silicone can be used in all areas of outdoor applications. And the WPC15 GP-300 is readily available in all cities in India.

Water-Based Adhesive

WPC 15 Silicone is a high-strength, water-based adhesive. It bonds anything in as little as 10-15 minutes and is ideal for various applications. Its instant grab and high load-bearing capacity make it an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms. This product is an environmentally friendly option that offers low acidity and is VOC free. It also has an extremely low odor. It can be used on wet surfaces and underwater for a quick, easy application.

Low Thermal Conductivity

This adhesive is specially formulated to bond panels, profiles, and other materials. It is a universal building adhesive ideal for elastomeric, thermal, and sound insulation panels. It is also highly flexible, quickly adhering to wood and plastic laths. Its low thermal conductivity means that it is ideal for various applications, including the manufacturing of automotive and solar panels. Its flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.


In addition to silicone, WPC15 Silicone is also available in non-silicone. The material is available in several grades, including WPC15. WPC15 Silicone is a high-quality material that is ideal for the manufacture of high-performance batteries, solar cells, and a variety of other consumer goods. It also has good resistance to weathering and is eco-friendly.

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