Why is Piper Rockelle Not Posting on YouTube?

After the recent lawsuit, the popular YouTuber is no longer posting her videos. In January, eleven former Piper Squad members filed a lawsuit against Rockelle Smith. The teen creators allege abuse and exploitation. Specifically, the girls claim that Smith touched the young girl’s exposed thighs, squeezing her breasts and remarking her breast size. YouTube has demonetized Smith’s videos, which means that she no longer receives revenue from her videos.

Piper Rockelle’s Relationship with Lev Cameron Khmelev

After being linked to Gavin Magnus, Piper Rockelle reportedly dates Lev Cameron Khmelev. Gavin and Coco split in early 2020 but have since become romantically involved. Piper allegedly posted a video on her YouTube account in which she is handcuffed next to Gavin. Piper has yet to respond to Gavin’s comments.

Sofia Sachenko

Before dating Lev, Piper appeared in his YouTube videos with Sofia Sachenko, referring to him as his ‘crush.’ In addition, Lev asked Piper to be his Valentine on Valentine’s Day 2020. The two have been dating since the spring of 2020. Although their relationship is not openly public, Piper’s social media accounts show that the two are still inseparable and are posting pictures of themselves on Instagram.

Prank Videos

Many couples on YouTube do prank videos. Most breakup videos are actually pranks, and Piper and Lev have made several jokes about each other and are still together. The two have prank videos of one another, so it is hard to keep a tab on their relationship. However, fans are eager to see Piper and Lev together on YouTube.

Piper Rockelle’s Boyfriend

If you are wondering, Piper Rockelle’s boyfriend, Lev Cameron Khmelev, is not posting videos on YouTube. He is also dating a YouTube star named Lev Khmelev. The pair are dating on social media, but they have not posted any videos on their respective channels yet. Lev Cameron Khmelev is not posting on YouTube because he is too busy making videos on his channel.

4.7 Million Followers

While Piper Rockelle and Lev have no public relationship, they post photos on Instagram of the two of them and have a ship name. The two are still sex and have a ship name. They are also known as ‘Piker’ and ‘Lipper’. In addition, Piper has a massive Instagram following of 4.7 million followers.

Social Media Star

The two are not in a relationship, but the social media star has a girlfriend. They met on Tik Tok in 2015 and are set to marry in 2020. Lev and Piper’s relationship is public. Piper’s boyfriend has been sharing pictures on social media. He also has a famous YouTube channel. Piper Rockelle is also dating Lev Cameron.

Her Relationship with Gavin Magnus

You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious about Piper Rockelle’s relationship with Giving Magnus! The indie star and YouTuber have been dating for several years, and the couple has a long history of working together on films and highlighting each other on their YouTube channels. They have even been handcuffed together in videos that Piper’s brother posted. The breakup is no surprise. The two have met up a few times recently and have been making videos together.

Gavin Blamed Piper’s Mother

Despite his relationship with Piper, Gavin Magnus has been in several relationships before. His first known relationship was with Piper Rockelle, a fellow YouTuber. The two split up in mid-2019, but Gavin blamed Piper’s mother for the misunderstanding. He claimed to still be in love with the 14-year-old, and the two have been working together on many videos and covers.

Former YouTube Personality’s

The former YouTube personality’s relationship with a teen girl is complicated, and he has been avoiding public comments about it since the scandal broke out. However, there are other issues involving the former YouTube star. His sons were allegedly subjected to a “toxic” work environment that made Piper’s parents ill-treated.

Despite Gavin Magnus’s claims, Piper’s relationship with Lev is far from over. The two partnered on a video channel to prank each other, and Piper and Lev have been dating since May 2020. They’ve even made public appearances together on their social media feeds. Gavin’s relationship with Piper Rockelle is not posted on YouTube anymore!

Jakob & Justin

Gavin Magnus is a famous Youtuber and TikTok star. His videos are mostly about his life, and he is a white Caucasian who stands 4.3 feet high. Magnus also has two brothers, Jakob and Justin. Gavin’s YouTube channel has over four million subscribers, making it one of the most popular channels in the United States.

Although there is no evidence to support his claims, the two are still dating. Gavin Magnus is not posting on YouTube anymore, but he is dating a teenager named Lev Cameron Khmelev. The pair met on February 14, 2020, and have been dating since May. They are often spotted on each other’s social media accounts, and their relationship has been going strong since.

Officially Ruled Sophie

Despite these rumours, it is unlikely that Piper has officially ruled Sophie out of the team. She has made it clear that she’ll be welcome back when her parents give the go-ahead. The only other question is whether or not Sophie’s relationship with Gavin Magnus is still intact. If so, then it’s time to know the truth!


A list of allegations against singer/TV personality Piper Rockelle has surfaced on YouTube. The allegations were first made by the online publication Insider, which filed a lawsuit against Rockelle’s mother and other YouTube collective Piper Squad members. Those behind the case accused Smith of sexually exploiting her daughter and repeatedly remarking on her breast size. YouTube responded by suspending Piper Rockelle’s YouTube channel and disabling her monetization for an indefinite period.


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