Where to Buy the PlayStation 5 in the Philippines and What Price SM North Edsa Set For Its PlayStation 5 Bundles

Where to Buy the PlayStation 5 in the Philippines and What Price SM North Edsa Set For Its PlayStation 5 Bundles

If you are wondering how much the PlayStation 5 costs in the Philippines, then this article will help you find out. In this article, we will look at where to buy the PlayStation 5 in the Philippines and what price SM North Edsa has set for its PlayStation 5 bundles. We will also look at how to find out how many units are sold before they go on sale so you can start shopping around as soon as possible.
Sony PlayStation 5 price philippines

The price of the Sony PlayStation 5 in the Philippines is a bit on the high side. This console is not cheap, but you can find great deals from PS5 resellers who have gotten extra units. Some of these resellers are even making a business out of selling PS5 units in the Philippines. The disc and digital versions start at Php 34,000, and some of them even sell them for less, bundled with controllers and games. Of course, you can also get one for Php 50,000 or more, which is a big difference.

In the Philippines, it will cost a minimum of PHP 28,990, but there are also some rumors about its price being higher. Depending on where you buy the PlayStation 5 console, you can expect to pay as much as PHP 29,490 or even PHP 28,990. That’s around 13 to 14 percent more than the PS4 price. Sony has yet to release the exact price in the Philippines, but we’ll know more as soon as it’s available.
Availability of PlayStation 5 in the Philippines

The availability of Play Station 5 in the Philippines is expected to start tomorrow, January 22. The first batch was sold out in minutes. The second batch is expected to go fast as well. Pre-orders will open at 2 p.m. and will stay open until 2:05 p.m. The suggested retail price for the disc version is Php 27,990. While pre-orders are limited, datablitz is available for subscribers of the PlayStation 5 newsletter.

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 5 will be available in the Philippines on December 11, 2020. While the company has not yet listed the retail price for the Play Station 5, local gaming retailers have revealed the price tag: P27,990 for the standard edition and PHP 23,990 for the digital version. Both Play Station 5 models come with additional controllers and PS5 games. Availability of PlayStation 5 in the Philippines is expected to be limited. Check online stores and gaming stores for more information.
SM North Edsa’s pricing of PlayStation 5 in the Philippines

A PS5 at SM City North Edsa is priced at PHP 24,200. While Sony has not officially announced the Philippines’ price for this new console, this tease could be an early indicator of the launch date and availability. It is also possible that SM is promoting a Play Station 5 special bundle. While it is too early to tell which bundle is offered, the upcoming Play Station 5 and XBox Series X are slated to hit the market in the holiday season.

The Philippine market is crowded with video game stores, so it is no wonder why many people opt for local brands when shopping for the latest games and consoles. SM North Edsa has the largest selection of video games and tech goods and boasts several IMAX movie theaters, outdoor dining areas, and even a music concert venue. SM North Edsa’s pricing of PlayStation 5 in the Philippines is a perfect example of how the company caters to gamers.
PlayStation 5 bundles sell out faster than single consoles

PlayStation 5 bundles generally sell out faster than single consoles. This is due to the fact that bundles often include games and accessories that single consoles do not come with. Moreover, bundles also don’t have as many scalpers as single consoles do. To avoid such a scenario, consider using a stock tracking tool. By using such a tool, you can set notifications for the PlayStation 5 and other PS5 bundles to be restocked as soon as they become available.

Amazon and Walmart have regularly restocked PS5 consoles.

In September and October, they had availability dates for the PS5 digital edition. These stores referred to this event as an “in-store PS5 bundle event.” To get one, you need to purchase a bundle. If you don’t want to purchase a bundle, you can try GameStop and Walmart, but both stores have sold out of the PlayStation 5 disc console. GameStop also sells pre-owned PS5 consoles.

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