What is EResults and How Can it Benefit You?

EResults, or electronic results, are a growing trend in the medical industry. During recent Covid incidents and with a new Covid virus, this new form of electronic transfer has gained popularity.

EResults are a secure way to send laboratory and medical results from one place to another. This new form of electronic transfer has changed the way healthcare works and more healthcare agencies are incorporating it into their business models. But what is EResults, and how can it benefit you?

NetSolutions eResults

Using the Cantata Health Exchange Platform, NetSolutions eResults gives providers of medical care instant access to their patient results. It also has expanded information security, which is ensured through firewalls and encryption. Additionally, NetSolutions eResults are continually refreshed, making it possible for users to stay current on the latest information. A solid informational index allows specialists to easily follow patient data, enabling them to make better decisions. The NetSolutions system also makes resident results accessible to all accredited individuals.

A primary benefit of NetSolutions eResults is that they integrate with multiple Lab and Radiology organizations. This means that physicians and nurses can instantly access the latest lab results without faxing or phoning. NetSolutions eResults allows physicians and nurses to access results from a variety of external labs, ensuring that health care services can be provided quickly. NetSolutions eResults is compatible with many Lab and Radiology organizations, allowing for seamless integration with other healthcare systems.

Another advantage of EResults is its international scope. Doctors in California can consult with colleagues in Africa, while doctors in Africa can easily access patient results from anywhere in the world. In addition to this, EResults is flexible and enables healthcare professionals to edit claims, track payments and follow up on unpaid balances. The user-friendly interface also allows users to customize reports, which makes medical billing easy and hassle-free.

Healthcare Professionals

Health care professionals have a crucial role to play in the improvement of population health. They deliver essential services to promote health, prevent diseases and provide primary health care. As such, effective mechanisms to maximize the strengths of health professionals are vital for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Using Guild’s solution can help you attract and retain top talent. Learn how EResults for Healthcare Professionals can improve your organization’s recruitment and retention of talent.


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