What Happened to Primitive Technology?

What Happened to Primitive Technology is an excellent YouTube channel devoted to learning about primitive technologies. In 2015, Mr. Plant’s video was one of the most popular sites. There were spikes in viewer interest in the years following, with the most popular videos peaking between 2016 and 2017. However, this interest waned by mid-2018, when producers in Cambodia started creating similar videos, using the term “primitive technology” in their titles.

Popular YouTube Channel

John Plant, the creator of the popular YouTube channel, says he hasn’t uploaded videos for over a year. He hasn’t posted a new video this time, and he can’t say why. He’s working on a cable network project but cannot give details. But he’s still doing a great job. This is an exciting concept, but it makes you wonder: What Happened to Primitive Technology and Why Aren’t We Using It?

Tips & Information

If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to learn about primitive technology, this book may be the answer. Its creator, John Plant, has an infamous YouTube channel and has more than 10 million subscribers, and his videos get five million views each. His new book, What’s the Story of Primitive Technology? is filled with 50 projects for beginners and includes many tips and information for making them.

Regardless of Interest

What’s New? will educate you about primitive technology regardless of your interest. It’s not just about survival. It’s also about education. By following these videos, you’ll learn how to build things in a time without modern influence. There’s something in this show for everyone, from nerds to scientists and everything in between. But before you start following this channel:

  • you should know more about it.
  • The book has many viewers who are looking for information about primitive technology.
  • The author’s YouTube channel has over 31 million subscribers and gets more than five million views each month.
  • It’s not just videos about primitive technologies that have gained popularity.

It’s a guide to reintroducing it to people interested in it. It also features a plethora of valuable tips. What Happened to it?

Benefits of Primitive Technologies

The NLTV channel is an online community dedicated to studying primitive technology. The channel has been popular for several reasons. First, it’s a fun and informative way to learn about this fascinating subject. The videos are also informative for people who have a passion for the topic. They can help people understand the basic methods of primitive technology. Finally, they can help you understand the benefits of primitive technologies and their uses.

While the concept of primitive technology is still relatively new to many, it has a considerable following. This popular YouTube channel features videos of primitive techniques, such as making a pool with a rock and learning to use firewood. In addition to these videos, forums and communities are devoted to this topic. As of January 2019, the channel’s video received more than 600 million views. This is a fantastic feat for a YouTube channel.

Vibrant Online Community

The videos of primitive technologies have gotten millions of views. They have also sparked a vibrant online community. Some of the most popular videos include demonstrations of making a rice paddy using bamboo and funneling water from a waterfall. In addition, the channel’s top videos focus on building a house underground, including an underground pool. There are even a few primitive technologies that haven’t gone away yet.

Local Man Experiment

In a 2015 video, a local man experimented with a clay mixture containing iron bacteria, wood ash, and charcoal powder to make a pottery kiln. Then, he inserted a clay pot into the kiln for hardening. This video was later watched more than 600 million times. Its success spawned a whole new online community and a YouTube channel dedicated to primitive technologies.

Subscribers & Views

The Primitive Technology channel is a YouTube sensation. It is one of the most popular YouTube channels on the site. Its creator, John Plant, is an Australian native and a superstar of the primitive technology world. After graduating from university, he cut grass and mowed lawns for money. This passion eventually led him to start filming primitive technologies. By December 2021, the channel will have over 9.8 million subscribers and 775 million views.

How Humans Lived & Worked?

If you’re interested in how humans lived and worked before modern technology was around, you’ve probably heard of the YouTube channel What Happened to Primitive Technology. Founded in 2006, it has included videos of primitive crafts, survival skills, and handmade dwellings. The videos have become so popular that the channel has received more than 950 million views and landed a book deal. But why is it so popular?

Help of Technology

The YouTube channel Primitive Technology was launched in May 2015 by John Plant, an Australian in his mid-30s. Since then, his videos have gained millions of views and 5.4 million subscribers. This ad revenue is enough to keep him and his family living in far north Queensland. He also runs a blog to educate viewers about the technology. The content is mainly about how humans live without the help of technology.

Final Thoughts:

Among the most popular YouTube videos about primitive technology is “What Happened to Primitive Technology?” by John Plant. His videos have received more than 32 million views and inspired an online community. The website / Primitive Technology has over two million subscribers, and the channel has more than 600 million views. The books feature 50 projects that people can recreate from natural materials. Moreover, the book also includes helpful tips.

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