Tokyo Money Heist: How Does Tokyo Come Back in Money Heist?

Tokyo Money Heist: How Does Tokyo Come Back in Money Heist?

After the recent death of Tokyo in Season 5, it’s natural that fans are looking for her return in the new season. What’s more, fans want to know how Ursula Corbero would react to her return. This article will go over the reactions to Her character’s death and her voiceover message for the upcoming Season 6.

Ursula Corbero to Reprise the Role of Tokyo in Money Heist

The Money Heist season five finale is almost here! Fans are eagerly awaiting the first part of the two-part season finale. Fans also hope to hear how Ursula Corbero’s Tokyo will end. Corbero plays the narrator for the show and has been an essential part of the series from the very beginning. It’s unclear if she will return to her role in Tokyo, but we can expect more exciting news in the future.

Netflix Series

In recent years, the actress has been linked to several roles, including a starring role in the Netflix series La Casa de Papel. She plays the role of Tokyo, a runaway robber who is accompanied by her scouting partner, Professor. The show’s dark humor and anticapitalistic discourse have earned it a loyal following in the Spanish-speaking world. The series is available worldwide on Netflix.

Spanish Television Series

Corbero has been acting since 2002 and has starred in several films, including Snake Eyes and Money Heist. She also starred in the acclaimed Spanish television series Off Course. Although her character Tokyo is powerful and bold, Corbero believes she should tone down her self-confidence to show more vulnerability. In addition to her role as Tokyo, Corbero is thrilled to return to the Money Heist franchise and will play the role again in its final installment.

Money Heist Season 5

Netflix has confirmed that it will be releasing Money Heist season 5 in two parts in September and December 2021. Season 5 will be released in two parts and pick up where the series left off last season, with Professor holding Inspector Alicia Sierra at gunpoint. The cast includes Ursula Corbero, Alvar Morte, Paco Tous, and Itziar Ituno. The first four seasons were among the most popular series on Netflix this past year.

Reactions to Tokyo’s Death

The latest season of Netflix’s Money Heist has just finished, and reactions to Tokyo’s death are in the spotlight. The show begins with a behind-the-scenes look at the murder of Tokyo in Tokyo before continuing in Rio de Janeiro and Denver. In the final episode, Tokyo’s death is the catalyst for the gang’s reunion, and many are upset that she didn’t survive.

The show is renowned for the deaths of key characters, including its protagonist, Tokyo. Although the series had been set up for Tokyo’s death all season, the season premiere shows that the death could be a last moment for the young thief. The episode also shows Tokyo’s fateful heist and Lisbon’s first love, Ursula Corbero. Those deaths are a source of conflict for fans of the show, as the two were once so close and grew to love each other.

Real-Life Events

While the series is based on real-life events, fans can speculate on what might happen to Tokyo’s character. Her death leaves a question mark over the series, as we’re not yet sure who will replace her as the narrator. Fans have grown incredibly attached to Toyko, and her death sparks emotional reactions on social media. And if fans were genuinely concerned, this is an improbable event.

Vulnerable Character

Throughout the series, Tokyo has been painted as a vulnerable character. She acted impulsively, showed a lack of logic, and showed little or no respect for her team. However, she eventually showed more caring behavior towards her team members, and a shark eventually killed him. This made the series more enjoyable than ever. Tokyo’s death is undoubtedly a heartbreak for fans, and it’s no surprise that Tokyo was killed in the series finale.

In this Money Heist episode, the gang tries to talk to the soldiers. Sagasta wants to send in a surgeon to help one of the injured squad members. As a result, it’s up to Palermo to step up and heal Helsinki’s leg. Meanwhile, the Professor’s gang livestreams Lisbon’s message about Tokyo and seven others who died. Lisbon turns it into a moving tribute for the departed team members.

Her Voiceover Message

As the fifth season of Money Heist winds down, the cast is left feeling a mix of loss and gratitude for their experiences. Miguel Herran, who played Tokyo’s former love interest, recently revealed that he found it hard to move on from the city. He also said that Ursula Corbero became a close friend. Still, how does Tokyo come back in Money Heist??

Return of Old Love

The third season of Money Heist saw the return of an old love, and the cast is eager to see how her former lover is doing. In season three, the team reunited, and Tokyo’s voiceover urged them to be stronger. As Tokyo’s voiceover emphasizes, what does not kill you only makes you stronger. The gang bonded over gold, a symbol of the upcoming part of Money Heist.

Tokyo is a flirt and impulsive character. She is involved with Rio and Nairobi, and they go on drunken adventures together. But she has a temper and doesn’t like to be told what to do. This causes her to have a love life. Tokyo’s relationship with Rio complicates the heist plans, but it ultimately helps her. It’s not the end of the world, but it certainly complicates things.


Corbero’s charisma is captivating . She is the ultimate bad girl, smart, sassy, and challenging. With an attitude to spare, Tokyo is the ultimate bad girl. She has been the center of attention and the most memorable character in Money Heist. It’s no wonder she has become an icon for the series. There’s no doubt that fans will continue to cheer for her in this series.

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