The Blade of the Bear Grylls Paracord Watch

Luminox has teamed up with the world’s best-known outdoor adventurer and survival expert Bear Grylls to create a series of watches that are designed to be used in the wild. Taking the features of Luminox’s legendary tough timepieces and pairing them with Grylls’ expertise, these rugged watches are ready for any situation.


The blade of the bear grylls paracord is one solid piece of good quality, gray coated, stainless steel from tip to butt. It comes with this versatile, kydex-like sheath about 45 inches of orange paracord for the handle and the Bear Grylls Priorities of Survival Pocket Guide.

This knife is a great option for the person who wants to carry a survival blade without going overboard and having to compromise on size and weight. Gerber has combined their decades of experience in crafting tools with Bear Grylls’s survival knowledge to produce a truly unique and useful tool.

The sheath is reversible for right or left hand carry, and is made of what looks to be a very tough polymer top and bottom fused together with 6 steel grommets strategically placed around the sheath at major stress points. These grommets allow the sheath to be removed and repositioned with two hex bolts, for side draw, regular, or upside down carry.


The sheath is made from a tough polymer top and bottom that are fused together. It’s reinforced with 6 steel grommets that are strategically placed at major stress points around the sheath.

This sheath has a cool feature that is unique to the Bear Grylls Paracord knife, it goes into the sheath only one way and locks firmly into the sheath. It also has a polymer belt loop in the rear that can be removed and repositioned using two hex bolts for: side draw, regular, upside down AND for left or right hand carry.

Overall, the sheath is comfortable to carry, versatile and secure. It fits the Bear Grylls paracord knife perfectly on either side of your belt.


Gerber and Bear Grylls have teamed up to bring you this blade with nearly 4 feet of paracord woven into the handle. The resulting combination is more than just a nice-looking piece of survival gear; it’s also an incredibly useful one, offering the perfect mix of functionality and versatility.

The blade is no slouch, either; it’s a full-tang design with a clip point tip and fine edge. It also features a textured rubber grip that catches your hand without slipping. The sheath is slim and reversible, so you can put it on your belt loop or attach it to your pack. Its most impressive feature is the sheath itself, which boasts six steel grommets in the top four corners for maximum strength. Moreover, the sheath can be reversed with the use of two hex bolts. This is a really big deal. The sheath has a couple of notable other features too, including a reversible belt loop and a Priorities of Survival pocket guide by Bear himself.


When it comes to survival, few people know more about getting out of a tough situation than ex-British Special Forces officer and experienced mountaineer Bear Grylls. To that end, Gerber has teamed with him to offer a line of survival tools that’s designed to do just that.

The Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade Knife is a minimalist backcountry emergency tool that combines the functionality of a field-proven full tang knife with 60 inches of tough parachute cord. It also includes a survival guide and reversible molded sheath with belt loop.

Final Words:

At under 6 ounces, the Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade knife is a good addition to any backcountry survival kit. However, it won’t replace a full-size bushcraft knife, and you’ll have to be a bit careful when using it as the only blade.

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