The Best Commercial Umbrella in Australia

The Best Commercial Umbrella in Australia

There are several great commercial umbrellas on the market, but the Ultrashade is a stand-out choice. It is more robust and sturdy than other commercial umbrellas, and can even be adjusted in height to suit your specific needs. It is chosen by leading businesses and institutions in Australia, including Brisbane Girls Grammar School.

Fibresun commercial umbrella

FibreSun commercial umbrellas offer a cost-effective and reliable alternative to traditional wooden umbrellas. Their ribs and pole are made of fibreglass, which is lightweight and durable. The ribs bend easily when the wind blows, but pop right back into shape once it stops. This means that they don’t sag in the wind like traditional wooden umbrellas do. They also come with a 4 year warranty.

Sunranger Cafe Series commercial umbrella

The Sunranger Cafe Series commercial umbrella is lightweight and strong, making it the perfect choice for businesses that need to protect patrons from the elements. It is also available in a variety of colors and can be custom printed with your logo or business name. The patented cleat system and two-piece pole make it easy to install. It is also available in three different sizes. You can purchase a single unit or a complete set,


depending on your business needs

The Sunranger Cafe Umbrella arrives fully assembled, but you need to add a base if you plan to use it outdoors. This will ensure that the umbrella stays stable in windy conditions. The table below lists the different types of bases that are available. Choosing a concreted or bolted down base is the most stable installation method. Alternatively, you can choose a heavy base-plate if the installation location is unstable.

Nova HD commercial umbrella

The Nova HD commercial umbrella offers a number of benefits to a business. Its aesthetically appealing design and telescopic mast make it easy to operate. In addition, it boasts a 100 km/h wind rating. This umbrella also features rust-free anodised aluminium frames and reinforced aluminium extrusion arms. The canopy, made from high-quality acrylic canvas, offers UPF80+ protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.


It also features a freestanding portable base and a hinged spigot

The Nova HD giant telescopic umbrella provides maximum shade protection for commercial spaces. Its canopy arms are reinforced with six internal reinforcing channels. In addition, it is available in multiple colours. This commercial umbrella can be easily installed and removed, making it the ideal non-permanent shade solution for businesses.

Shelta Fairview commercial umbrella

The Shelta Fairview commercial umbrella is a stylish octagonal umbrella that is available in a variety of colours. It is easy to tilt and features a unique collar tilt system. It can also be used while sitting down as it has a winder handle.


Prices start at $395

This umbrella is made of laminated bamboo sheets and is strong and durable. Its bamboo pole has an elegant canopy top, and the double rope and pulley system makes opening and closing it easier. The umbrella comes with a protective cover and is compatible with Large Wheeled Cantilever bases.
Skyspan commercial umbrella

The Skyspan Commercial Umbrella is a top of the range heavy duty umbrella that is 100% windproof and UV resistant. It is constructed from a high quality powder-coated aircraft-standard alloy frame for strength and durability. The Skyspan Commercial Umbrella is the ultimate outdoor entertainment solution throughout all seasons.

Unlike traditional umbrellas, Skyspan commercial umbrellas feature a non-retractable centre column


This makes them suitable for use in harsh environments. Moreover, Skyspan commercial umbrellas are wind-resistant and have a 10-year warranty. The umbrellas are easy to install and can be fully customized to meet the needs of the customer.

The Skyspan commercial umbrellas are available in a variety of colours



They can be customised with corporate branding or full-colour screen printing. They are also available with specialised lighting and plug sockets. Moreover, they can be joined together with joiner panels. Moreover, they can be fitted with a Pivot-base, which allows the canopy to provide optimal shade throughout the day read more.

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