The Benefits of EResults

The Benefits of EResults

If you want to manage medical data from one medical center to another, EResults is the system for you. It allows for easy data transfer, which makes the life of medical professionals a lot simpler. The E Results system is available in many languages and can be used by both doctors and nurses. There are many benefits to using E Results, so read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the features that you can use with this system.


In a cloud-based health care integration system, NetSolutions for EResults makes it easy to share patient test results with other healthcare organizations. It connects multiple health care information systems for seamless patient care. NetSolutions e Results lets patients and healthcare providers view test results and create medical records. Besides sharing patient test results, NetSolutions eResults also lets users view and chart their test results.

In addition to making the patient experience easier, NetSolutions for E Results provides physicians and nurses with easy access to resident lab results. NetSolutions eResults is compatible with most existing computers in long-term care facilities. Its security features include firewalls and encryption, so only authorized staff can access patient lab results. The user-friendly interface and e-prescribing features enable physicians to provide health care quickly and easily.

NetSolutions eResults

With its simple user interface, NetSolutions eResults can help healthcare professionals quickly access and interpret test results. The system uses an icon to display new test results, and clicking on it opens a summary page of all results. NetSolutions eResults also allows users to generate reports and identify trends. The system is integrated with a Laboratory’s Experience

Care Exchange Platform, allowing labs to send test results to NetSolutions without a third-party.

Unlike traditional paper medical reports, NetSolutions eResults doesn’t require specialized hardware. Most long-term care facilities already have computers. The system’s firewall and encryption protect sensitive data from prying eyes. Additionally, the system’s security features help ensure patient privacy. NetSolutions eResults’ secure database includes a solid informational index that helps specialists follow patient data and make more informed decisions. Additionally, the system’s reporting features give users granular control of patient results based on their role.

The rapid growth of smartphone has led to an explosive growth of Apps. e Results’ goal is to monitor the ASO strategy of an App and determine where improvements can be made. Currently, the two most popular App stores are Google Play and Apple App Store. This app analyzes eResults’ performance in these two app stores and provides an analysis report for each. AppSimilar is a useful tool for eResults ASO analysis.

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