Tallest Premier League Player

Tallest Premier League Player

Kjell Scherpen is the world’s tallest professional footballer. He is a goalkeeper for Belgian first-division side Oostende. He is currently on loan from Brighton & Hove Albion in the Premier League. He stands at seven feet four inches. He scored three goals in the 2008/09 season and made six saves. He is the fifth-tallest player in the Premier League.

Third-Tallest Premier League Player

Burn is the third-tallest Premier League player and was signed by Aston Villa during the January transfer window. He is taller than any other outfield player at six feet seven inches. He has cleared more lines with his head than any other player this season. He also has one headed goal. He is the tallest outfielder in the league. However, his height and ability to play in a high-pressing position can prove a disadvantage.

Lacina Traore

Lacina Traore is six feet eight inches tall. The Monaco midfielder made his Premier League debut as a teenager and has since been promoted to the first team. The Toffees have another 6ft five-inch (1.92m) player to contend with. But Lacina Traore has a rival in the form of Robin Olsen. The Villa midfielder scored four minutes into his debut against Swansea. The following week, Traore was injured again. He was forced to play in the 89th minute of the Hull game.

Germany & Played Two Seasons

In 2006, Lars Leese was the tallest Premier League, player. He stood six feet eight inches. At the time, he was the joint-highest. He joined Barnsley after being promoted to the Premier League. He cost PS250,000 and played for Aston Villa, Southampton, Watford, and Liverpool. He retired after the 2018-19 season. Then he went to Germany and played two seasons for FC Koln. He was captain of the club’s reserves and occasionally came onto the first-team bench.

South African International

Adam Traore is the tallest goalkeeper in the Premier League. He is tied with Burn for the title. For the last two seasons, the South African international has been a stalwart for Southampton. He is the third-tallest player in the Premier League at two meters tall. His teammates often criticize his size. And he’s also the tallest player in the European Cup. He is currently the fifth-tallest man in the Premier League.

Kjell Sharpen

The tallest player in the Premier League is Kjell Sharpen. The striker from Denmark is 6ft 8in (1.99m). He’s the second-tallest player in the Premier League, but he’s far from being the tallest. He’s only the second-tallest footballer in the league. His height is just two inches below his current record.

Prolific Goal-Scoring Career

The tallest player in the Premier League is Dan Burn, who stands at six feet seven inches. His 6ft 7in the body is the tallest player in the league, and his nickname is “Big Dan Burn.” During the mid-noughties, he’s had a prolific goal-scoring career with Red Star Belgrade. After a spell in Valencia, he joined Birmingham in 2010. Even though he didn’t have a considerable reputation in the Premiership, his presence on the pitch helped the club relegate to the second tier.

Peter Crouch

Peter Crouch is the tallest player in the Premier League. He is 6ft 7in and played for Stoke City and Burnley. His height was a huge advantage, particularly in lineouts. Despite his height, Traore’s height was only six ft 8in at his peak. The tallest player in the Premiership is a center-back and measures 195cm. Neither is the tallest player in the world.

Danny Welch of Liverpool

The tallest player in the Premier League is Danny Welch of Liverpool. The English midfielder is the tallest outfield player in the league. He has been in and out of the Saints team since joining in 2017 from Borussia Monchengladbach. He was a vital member of the backline for the Irons against Leicester last season but has been a regular for the Saints since then. He is the tallest Premier League player with six and a half meters.

He is the tallest player in the Premier League at six feet seven inches. At the same height as Okonkwo, Forster is the tallest player in the league. The defending champion of England, David de Gea, stands at 6ft four in the Premier League. The only other player to be taller is Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City. He is the third-tallest player in the Premiership, followed by Leighton.

Source of Debate

A player’s height in the Premier League is often a source of debate. Many players are shorter than average, but there is no standard measurement for a footballer’s height. Here are some tips for determining the height of a player. Listed below are the heights of the most famous players in the Premier League. If you are curious about the stats of a player, you can find them on Wikipedia.

Manchester City Defender Aymeric Laporte

Manchester City defender Aymeric Laporte stands at the height of 6ft 6in (1.99m), making him the tallest in the Premier League. However, the club is not without a taller goalkeeper. While Virgil van Dijk is the league’s tallest goalkeeper, he is just a couple of inches shorter than his fellow Liverpool teammate, Joel Matip.

Another tall player in the Premier League is Dan Burn, who is 6ft 7. Most Premier League commentators refer to him as “Big Dan Burn.” He has played in the Premier League for seventy-two games and has scored one goal. He is a left-wingback but can play in any position and is a great player to watch. If you want to know more about him, check out his website.


If you are unsure of the tallest footballer in the Premier League, check out these other players. These players are the tallest in the Premier League. Some of them are listed below. If you are looking for an outfield player, you can find him at the top of this list. Despite his lack of international experience, Vestergaard is the second-tallest player in the Premier League.

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