Sagarika Sona – Net Worth, Relationship With Zaheer Khan, and Lawsuit

The following article will reveal Sagarika Sona‘s net worth, relationship with Zaheer Khan, and lawsuit against The Raj Kundra Company. While this information is not necessarily authoritative, it’s likely to be of interest to fans of Indian actresses and models. It is, however, a good start for those who want to learn more about Sagarika Sona and her career. To get a better idea of her net worth, read on!

Sagarika Sona’s net worth

Sagarika Sona is a popular TV entertainer and model in India. She has appeared in several movies and web series. In the past, she has been in the news for various reasons, including age restrictions in movies. She was married to Raj Kundra, who is currently in jail for the use of underage actors. Despite her youth, Sagarika Sona has continued her career in the entertainment industry.

Born in New Delhi, Sagarika Sona’s career began with her debut in the 1986 Bengali film “Shyam Saheb.” Since then, she has appeared in regional films as well as Bollywood projects.

While her career has been relatively uneven, she did earn nominations for two songs at the

Channel V Asia Music Awards for the song “Dhoop Mein Chaya Jaise.”

Her relationship with Zaheer Khan

While the two are still dating, there are rumors that they are dating a former Indian cricketer. Former cricketer Zaheer Khan and model Sagarika Sona were first linked in 2009 after being seen together at Yuvraj Singh’s wedding. During the ceremony, the couple made their first public appearance together. Their relationship has remained on a quiet and private note, but now, the couple is finally making headlines.

According to reports, the couple got together on April 17 after meeting at the house of a mutual friend. Although their families were initially opposed, they eventually embraced the relationship. Both Zaheer and Sagarika were photographed spending time together at various events and parties. They were even spotted holding hands at one wedding. The lovebirds eventually started dating, and their relationship became public in April 2017.

Her social media posts criticizing Raj Kundra

The recent controversy surrounding Raj Kundra has been in the headlines, with the modelactress Sagarika Sona saying that Raj Kundra asked her for a nude audition video for a web series and then threatened her with rape and death. This is a particularly egregious case, and the Mumbai Police Crime Branch has ample evidence to prove that Raj Kundra is the main perpetrator.

A few days ago, Sagarika Sona released a video statement saying that she was receiving death threats because of the recent criticism of Raj Kundra on social media. She has received threatening calls and is filing an official complaint with the Mumbai police station. In the meantime, Bollywood Hungamam has provided an exclusive report on the scandal. Here’s what you need to know.

Her lawsuit against The Raj Kundra Company

The lawsuit filed by Sagarika Sona against The Raj Kundra Company has made headlines. The model-actress claimed that Raj Kundra threatened her with rape and death threats after she spoke out against his “Hotshots” web series. Sagarika claims that she was forced to appear in nude during auditions and is now facing legal action. In an interview with The Hindu, Sagarika revealed her story.

Actress Sagarika Sona has been fighting against the firm for nearly six years. She has appeared in a number of films, including web series and Hindi movement footage. Her case has garnered attention after Raj Kundra and the Raj Kundra Company were arrested for making movies with age restrictions. Sagarika Sona.

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