Rocker Clothing Styles: What You Need To Know

A rocker’s style is casual, but with an edgy twist. Look for clothing with buckle and stud details.

Start with a standout leather jacket. Look for one with sharp lines and a worn appearance.

Next, platform ankle boots. These versatile shoes go with tuxedo stripe pants for grander occasions, jeans for everyday wear or that red micro-mini you rock at concerts.

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is perhaps the most classic piece of rocker clothing. It adds a sense of danger and power to any outfit, whether you’re going to a concert or just hanging out with friends. When shopping for a leather jacket, look for one with angular lines, especially on the lapels. Also, make sure the jacket fits snugly but not so tightly that you can’t move your arms comfortably.

If a full-blown biker jacket feels a little too Alice Cooper, consider a cafe racer instead. This style of leather jacket is similar to a full-fledged biker jacket, but it’s not as tight or formal.

Pair your leather jacket with a black skirt. For a glam rock fashion statement, work diamond harlequin patterns into your outfit in small or large quantities. You can also wear a tartan miniskirt for a more punk-style aesthetic. Finish off the outfit with a black lace-up high-heeled shoe and rope necklace.

Platform Ankle Boots

A must-have in your rock chic wardrobe are platform ankle boots. These boots have chunky heels and lace-up details to add a punk touch to your outfit. Wear them with ripped or torn black leggings and a basic T-shirt for a head-turning look. Add some extra edge to your look with a chain belt, skull belt buckles and safety pin jewelry.

Another must-have is a pair of Chucks. These every day shoes are a great addition to your rock clothing style and can be worn with tuxedo stripe pants for fancier occasions, jeans for everyday wear or that red micro-mini you like to wear to concerts. You can also get them in any wash color, but bleach spots, tears and fading are a must if you want to have that weathered appearance.

The last piece of rocker clothing to add is a leather mini skirt. This sexy skirt is perfect for night out at a rock bar and will help you stand out from the crowd. Finish off the look with a pair of combat boots to complete your rock fashion look.


Rocker clothing has always been casual and rebellious, but it can also be glamorous. If you want to dress in a rocker style that’s classy, try wearing a leather jacket with tuxedo stripe pants and a white button-down shirt. You can add a wide belt to your outfit to accentuate your waist.

For shoes, Converse Chuck Taylors are always a good choice. You can go with traditional high-top or low-top styles, or experiment with different colors. Chucks were originally worn by many rock bands, and they still have an air of rock and roll. You can even get them in canvas prints that pay tribute to AC/DC, the Doors, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, or Kurt Cobain.

The other staple of a rocker wardrobe is a pair of cigarette jeans. You can buy a pair in any wash you like, but dark washes look best. You can even get ripped jeans for that unkempt, cool-swagger look.

Cigarette Jeans

Cigarette jeans, also known as skinny jeans, are slim-fit pants that go straight from the knee to the ankle. They’re typically worn with boots to create a rocker outfit. Whether you prefer a cropped style or a traditional ankle length, this rocker clothing staple looks great with almost any shoe.

A beat-up, form-fitting sport coat is another essential rocker outfit item. These are available at second-hand stores for a reasonable price and come in rad patterns or pre-distressed to make your look even more authentic. You can wear this jacket with a western shirt and jeans or go for an elegant rocker appearance by wearing it over a formal dress. Bob Dylan and the Strokes are stylish examples of Rocker Clothing Styles who wore suit jackets.

Final Words:

Other rocker clothing pieces include ripped jeans, leather leggings, and a beanie hat. Choose these in black to give your outfit a classic rocker aesthetic. Complete the look with studded, grommet, or chain detailed accessories for a more edgy style.

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