Raden Fatah State Islamic University and Universidad Gadjah Mada University

Raden Fatah State Islamic University and Universidad Gadjah Mada University

Raden Fatah State Islamic University is a public university in Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra in Indonesia. Founded in 1964, the university has a reputation for excellence in Islamic studies. Its online learning platform allows students to learn from anywhere, any time. This is an ideal solution for students with a limited budget, or for those who just want to expand their knowledge. The online learning platform is available for all students from all over the world.


FITK e-learning is an online course that offers various courses to students. FITK is the acronym for “Fisika Interactive Knowledge”. This course was launched with the intention of improving the effectiveness of the educational system and increasing the quality of education. FITK also offers a number of academic services for students.


The program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills to succeed in a particular field.

UIN Raden Fatah uses the Moodle platform to deliver the course material online. However, some lecturers had no digital files, and instead gave instructions via Whatsapp groups and voice notes. This study explores the application of e-learning at UIN Raden Fatah, Palembang, using a qualitative research method. The study highlights five aspects of effective e-learning and identifies the challenges faced by lecturers and students. While lecturers and students are not completely in sync in terms of the use of e-learning tools, the findings also show that students and lecturers share similar expectations regarding e-learning. Despite these differences, students and lecturers are generally satisfied with the amount of resources offered.

UIN Raden Fatah

Located in Palembang, the capital of the South Sumatra island, Raden Fatah State Islamic University (UIN) is a public, Islamic university in Indonesia. Founded in 1964, it is a leader in the study of Islam and has many branches throughout the country. Students from around the world study here.

This university has a long and distinguished history of educating Indonesian students with a broad range of interdisciplinary interests

The campus has several features that are ideal for students to succeed in their studies, including an active beasiswa program, internet access in every gedung, and akses wifi throughout the campus. The UIN Raden Fatah Palembang community is also a vibrant part of the Palembang community, with many activities taking place throughout the year. While the campus is small, its community is diverse and inclusive, offering students a rich education that is tailored to meet their unique needs.

Universidad Gadjah Mada

The Gadjah Mada University is a public research university in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Founded on 19 December 1949, the university is one of the oldest higher educational institutions in Indonesia. Its online courses allow students to earn their degrees without ever leaving the comfort of their home. The university offers courses in a wide variety of subjects, including business, law, medicine, and engineering.

The University of Gadjah Mada is the first public ivy league school in Indonesia


It was established in 1949 and is now one of the largest and oldest institutions of higher education in Indonesia. The campus includes 18 faculties and 68 undergraduate study programs, 23 diplomas, 104 master and specialist degrees, and 43 doctorate programs. Its online courses help students complete their degree and remain connected with their classmates.

Universidad Intan Lampung

Universidad Intan Lampung is a public higher education institution located in Lampung, Indonesia. It is accredited by the Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset, and Teknologi of the Republic of Indonesia. The institution is affiliated with the Islamic religion. The university offers programs and courses leading to a variety of higher education degrees. The school offers both online and on-campus classes.

The eLearning department is responsible for providing support for the campus course management system and related online services


The department provides walk-in, phone, and email assistance for online students.It also provides information about online technologies.The department offers a variety of training programs, as well as academic and administrative assistance. The goal of the eLearning department is to provide a high-quality online education for the entire campus community.

Universidad Gadjah

If you want to learn more about e-learning and online education at Universidad Gadjah, this informational site may be the right place to start. The university is a public research university in Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It was established on 19 December 1949 and is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Indonesia. Gadjah e-learning is an online learning platform designed to provide online students with educational tools to help them succeed.


The university was established in 1949 and has been a prominent force in Indonesian education since its inception



Its students come from all over the world to pursue higher education in Yogyakarta, a culturally and historically rich city. It is one of the largest universities in Indonesia and has a reputation as a leader in the field of education. Its e-learning platform enables students to receive the same high-quality education as its traditional campus.

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