Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 Review

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 Review

The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is a running shoe with a new upper made of Flyknit. This material features an updated design that allows for breathability and support, and the shoes’ higher foam provides long-lasting comfort and soft responsiveness. In addition, the forefoot is more comprehensive, which reduces stress-related injuries. Overall, the Nike React Infinity Run is an excellent running shoe.

Soft Layer of Rubber

Despite being identical to the original React Infinity, the Infinity Flyknit 2 is more comfortable than its predecessor. Its softer rubber outsole is ideal for long-distance running, and it offers smooth transitions. Its midsole is made with deep, wide channels that help absorb shock. The heel area is covered in a soft layer of rubber. The rearfoot is made of a mesh material.

Good Long-Distance Capability

The Infinity Run’s React midsole is the best when it’s moving. The rubbery foam responds to movement with a low rebound, resulting in a more comfortable ride. As a result, you don’t feel fatigued when transitioning at a higher pace, and the shoe offers good long-distance capability. But it’s not for everyone. For example, if you’re an overpronator, you’ll be happy with a neutral-ride shoe instead.

Superior Cushioning

For over pronators, the Infinity Run has superior cushioning. Its redesigned sole has more depth under the heel. The React Infinity Run’s sole is a little soft, but it’s still a solid shoe for running. The softer react foam is less rigid than the former. A lot of people are over pronators. But the choice between the two is entirely personal.

Comfortable & Durable

The upper is a good choice if you’re looking for a running shoe that can keep up with your daily schedule. It’s also very comfortable and durable. Its midsole features React foam, which is very responsive. It is a very light shoe, making it a perfect option for runners. Its heel is designed to fit comfortably under your foot. The midsole is made of Peba foam and is very supportive.

Daily Training & Long-Distance Running

The React Infinity 2 is a solid shoe. Its new upper addresses the main flaw of the original model. However, the price is a bit high, but the React Infinity 2 is also priced well. The React Infinity is an excellent choice for daily training and long-distance running. You can expect a comfortable and lightweight ride that helps you stay injury-free.


The React Infinity 2 is a good choice for everyday training. It offers excellent cushioning and is designed to withstand long distances. The upper is very comfortable, with a high midsole stack height. The shoe is also durable and has a soft rubber outsole. The React Infinity is a lightweight and durable shoe. It has excellent durability. Its traction is excellent, which will make it an excellent choice for running.

Flyknit Material

Unlike its predecessor, the Infinity React 2 is more comfortable than its predecessor. It fits true to size. The upper is breathable, and the Flyknit material provides flexibility. It also has a padded heel. As a result, the Infinity React is a solid running shoe. It’s an incredibly comfortable and stylish shoe. If you’re looking for a running shoe designed for wide feet, the Infinity React 2 is a solid choice.

Slimmer & Firmer

The React Infinity React 2 is more comfortable than its predecessor. The forefoot is wider than the previous version, and the insole is slimmer and firmer. This makes the shoe easier to control while running. The midfoot is also more stable, so you’ll find this shoe comfortable if you have wide feet. This shoe is a good choice for everyday training.

Neutral Runners & Neutral Athletes

The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is a great running shoe. It is stable and has generous cushioning. Unlike some other running shoes, the Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is more responsive than its predecessor. It is designed for neutral runners and neutral athletes. These shoes are an excellent choice for training and racing. They are versatile, and they can handle any activity.

The Nike React Infinity runs a hybrid shoe to help runners move smoothly and efficiently. Its streamlined design is the perfect blend of stability and flexibility. The Infinity features a firm midsole and plate-equipped Endorphin Speed to keep the ride snappy and fast. In addition, the React’s rounded toe spring-off offers a sock-like fit and is comfortable for long runs.

Cushioned Landings & Turning

The React Infinity Run is a supportive running shoe. The midsole and upper combine to create a stable base for the rearfoot. The padded heel helps lock the foot down and prevent it from slipping. The Fly wire-equipped upper provides better midfoot security than the V1. The forefoot is wide, creating a planted base for cushioned landings and turning.

While the Infinity React has traditionally occupied the medium-soft rung of the cushioning ladder, the Infinity React no longer fits this category. Instead, it’s just another React-based running shoe. This model still has the same thin sheet of foam glued to the lasting, but it lacks the step-in layer of softness that the React liner provided.

Final Words:

The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit is an excellent choice for runners who want a lightweight, comfortable, durable running shoe. Although it doesn’t support a traditional midsole, it’s lightweight and makes for an ideal all-purpose trainer. So if you’re looking for a shoe to be your daily trainer, the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknat 2 is the way to go.

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