Miah Pantdinha Games – Miah Pandinha Games 2022

A YouTube channel, Miah Pantdinha Games, has been gaining popularity and endorsers. Creator Miah Pandinha dreams of 1,000 endorsers, one thousand subscribers, and a million dollars from the games she develops. The video that has garnered the most attention is

Responding Translation Music’s Gacha life, which has received more than nine minutes of video content and only two viewers.


The creator of Miah Pantdinha Games has a YouTube channel and plans to get 1000 subscribers and 1,000 endorsers by the year 2022. Her most popular video is “Responding Translation Music’s Gacha life”, which has over nine minutes of content and only two viewers. If you’re wondering what the future holds for Miah, keep reading to learn more about the game. The goal of the channel is to help kids learn the basics of game playing.

In addition to their website, the company also has a YouTube channel, where you can find videos about their games and toys. These videos vary in length from a few seconds to fifteen minutes. You’ll be able to see how Miah handles the different aspects of game playing, such as how to get the most out of a game, and how to be a better parent. The company also features parenting articles and game reviews.


On the YouTube channel Miah Pantdinha Games, the child who owns the channel shares reviews of gaming videos and surveys. The channel also transfers different recordings in Portuguese to acquire endorsers. Its most popular video is titled Responding Translation Music’s Gacha Life. This video has received over nine minutes of viewing time and has two viewers. The creator of the channel hopes to reach 1,000 endorsers.

The channel is composed of 51 videos so far. They range from a few seconds to around fifteen minutes in length. The majority of videos focus on gaming kids. Some videos include dolls, toys, and other topics related to kids’ entertainment. The most popular video is “Reacting Translation Music’s Gacha Life.” It’s a nine-minute video that has more than one thousand views. There are two viewers who love it and one who dislikes it.


The YouTube channel of Miah Pandinha Games features various game reviews. These videos range from a few seconds to around 15 minutes and focus on kid’s games. In addition to reviewing games, the channel also features reviews of other kids’ products. Currently, there are 51 videos on the channel. Subscribe to Miah Pandinha Games for more videos. It’s also important to note that many of these videos are in Portuguese.

The YouTube channel of Miah Pandinha Games 2022 has 51 videos and is targeting kids who are looking for reviews and game instructions. It currently has 57 subscribers and over fifty videos. The most popular video is “Reacting Translation Music: Gacha Life.” It’s nine minutes long and has garnered 23 views so far. The longest video, “Jogando Among Us,” has a duration of fifteen minutes and has only two viewers.

Length of video

To see what Miah Pandinha has to offer, check out her YouTube channel. Her videos range from a few seconds to around 15 minutes long. They feature a wide variety of kids games, as well as toys and parenting articles. The videos are available in both English and Portuguese. Watch her games and parenting videos for more information! Listed below are some of her most popular YouTube videos:

Final Thoughts


The video was uploaded on December 10, 2020, and as of December 10th, there are 21 views. It’s six minutes and six seconds long, with three liked and two disapproved videos. YouTube vlogging is gaining popularity with more kids getting into the habit. Her channel features original videos, ranging from game reviews to product reviews. She plans to reach one thousand subscribers by 2022, so keep an eye out for her videos read more.

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