Jaden Newman Gets Pushed by Angry Defender

jaden newman A confrontation between Jaden Newman and an angry defender is causing media and sports personalities to lose their cool. The incident happened during a game between the Miami Heat and West Oaks, a perennial SIAA power. The Flame defended Newman from every step during the game, sending him to the foul line with a second defender. The two scored 20 points between them, including three 3-pointers. The defending team only allowed them four attempts from beyond the arc.

Fierce Competitor

jaden newman The angry defender was a fierce competitor. After the game, the defender pushed the young Newman, who had just scored a basket. The teen was hurt, and his team lost the game. However, the alleged fight has been documented, and the incident was widely shared on social media. In the video above, the defender pushes the angry wing player.

Julian Newman’s Cheerleader & Enabler

jaden newman The NBA player’s father, JAMIE, has become Julian Newman’s cheerleader and enabler. The young man is constantly talking about his son as a future star. Even though he is young, he is already an accomplished basketball player. The youngster’s parents have even pulled him out of his current school and started his own. They named the school Prodigy Prep after their son.

Jamie Newman has become his son’s biggest fan. The two were close during the game, and he sat next to Jamie on the bench. Jamie introduced his son to the reporters during the match and said he was a powerhouse. While waiting for Jaden to arrive, the couple cut Julian’s hair. While waiting for his brother, they watched the game together and chatted about Newman’s future in the NBA.

NBA Player’s Dad

Newman has become a thorn in his team. A young Newman has already been called overrated by his opponents. The NBA player’s dad, Jamie, is not interested in letting the incident affect his son’s future. He wants to be a “legend” in the NBA. He is already an NBA legend. jaden newman His father wants him to be his son’s biggest cheerleader and enabler.

12-Year-Old Basketball Players

Julian was one of the most marketed 12-year-old basketball players in history, despite only scoring six points. He is now a basketball legend and has become a personal cheerleader for his son. As a result, he is surrounded by his teammates and his father’s supporters. He is also an NBA legend. And Jamie’s son will soon be a household name.

Top-Scoring Point Guard

The young star was a top-scoring point guard on his high school team. However, he was not a superstar. But he was a star in his hometown, and he was a leader in shot attempts and points per game. The NBA has a lot of talent in the league, but the most talented players can’t be everywhere. He is a great athlete who is destined to be an NBA legend.

jaden newman In a video of the incident, a young man pushes Newman’s head. He falls, and he is on his back, unable to get up. The defender is trying to take Newman’s lead. The angry defender is on his back, and it is difficult for him to get out of the way of the mad runner. This is a common occurrence for a young basketball player.

Team’s Aggressive Defense

Newman was rushed to the hospital during the photoshoot with a severely bruised hand. The injured player was rushed to the hospital. Doctors treated both players for their injuries. The injured player was taken to the hospital. The defending team’s aggressive defense reportedly caused the bruised leg. The defender pushed the young player’s leg. He received a bruise on his head and was hospitalized.

While Newman’s knees were not damaged, he was still injured. The defender did not get injured, but his knee was knocked out of the game. His elbow was not a serious injury. The defender had unintentionally provoked a sour mood during the game and was angry. It was a mistake to push the young defender.

Downey Christian School

jaden newman A teen soccer star named Julian Newman was pushed into the wall on the court by an angry defender on Saturday night. The 12-year-old plays for a varsity team at Downey Christian School in Orlando, Florida, weighs 90 pounds. He plays in multicolored socks and size 6 Nikes. While he was being pushed by the defender, Jamie and Jaden kept their cool and held onto their jerseys.

Jamie Newman, his son and the father of the star center, is the man who builds the offense around his son. He talks about Julian as a future NBA legend. When Julian was a high school sophomore, his father pulled him out of his current school and started his school, Prodigy Prep. The NBA star says that his son is an “NBA legend.”


jaden newman He also makes his parents feel proud. jaden newman His dad, Jamie, is his biggest supporter and enables him to succeed. He talks about him as a future legend, and they make a point to let his son know that he’s a legend in the making. His father is a huge basketball fan, and he has helped his son gain notoriety as a player.Read more


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