Dream'Irl - A Minecraft Character With a YouTube Channel

Dream’Irl – A Minecraft Character With a YouTube Channel

Dream’irl is an online Minecraft character who has a YouTube channel. He first starred in a Minecraft series and initially kept his face hidden. After about a year, his full identity was revealed. This was shocking for many people, and it prompted a range of reactions. Read on to learn more about Dream’irl and his YouTube channel.

Dream irl is a popular Minecraft character

Dream irl is a popular YouTube player who makes videos about Minecraft. Since 2013, he has amassed a following of over 600,000 subscribers. In addition to Minecraft videos, Dream also plays other games on his laptop and other devices. Despite having no major sponsors, he has managed to build a large following without having an ad campaign or a big budget.

Dream is born on August 12, 1999 and lives in Los Angeles

She has a website and a YouTube channel where she posts videos about Minecraft. Although she is anonymous on the website, her videos are a good way to see who she is. Her hobbies include pop music and cosmetics.


Her YouTube channel has several videos where she shows off her creativity

Dream’s real name is Austin Lewis Holiday. However, he goes by his nickname Dream irl outside of Minecraft videos. His YouTube channel has more than two billion views and five million subscribers. Dream was born in Italy but now resides in Los Angeles. Outside of Minecraft, he enjoys snowboarding, basketball, playing the guitar, playing piano and developing apps for iPads.

He has a YouTube channel

You might have heard of Dream’ irl, the YouTuber who is behind several Minecraft accounts. He first came to prominence through a series of Minecraft videos, which he posted anonymously. After almost a year, Dream’ irl’s real identity was revealed, triggering both positive and negative reactions.

The real name of Dream is Daniel Middleton and he lives with his family in California


He first appeared on YouTube as a Call of Duty Black Ops commentator, and later created a series dedicated to the online game Minecraft.


This game allows users to create their own worlds, and has already surpassed 1 million downloads

Despite the emergence of Dream’s YouTube channel, he has kept his real name a secret until now. His online identity is based on the surname of his given name, Austin Lewis Holiday.

He has a boyfriend

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He has a sister

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