5 Important Interview Tips for Bookkeepers

5 Important Interview Tips for bookkeepers

If you’re a bookkeepers , then you would have likely had to interview and hire new people in the past. You may even be interviewing and hiring new team members right now. Also, for getting remote bookkeeping jobs, one needs to be innovative in cracking interviews. If you’re looking for tips on how best to conduct an interview, this article is for you! Here are five ways that will help make sure your interviews go well:

Be Early

Being early is the best way to make a great first impression. Arriving late shows that you aren’t organized and can’t even trust your words. If you’re early, do what you need to do to help yourself relax before your interview begins. Take some deep breaths, stretch out a little bit, and drink water to hydrate yourself before entering the meeting room.

Be sure to arrive with plenty of time on your hands — even if it means leaving home earlier than normal or taking public transportation instead of driving. Your interviewer may also be running late; if they are, it will allow you extra time for anything unexpected that might come up during your appointment window.

Be Engaged

If you’re going to interview for one of these positions, ensure you’re interested in the company and the job. It would be best if you had prepared questions that show your interest and aptitude, but don’t be afraid to ask any other questions during the conversation.

Employers need to see that you’re engaged with what they’re saying, so try not to give off a boring vibe by staring off into space or checking your phone too often. Also, always have a good handshake with them when starting or ending an interview!

Be Easy to Understand

The first thing you want to do is make sure your interviewee can understand you. First, speak clearly, use simple language and avoid jargon—it’s easier for everyone if the interviewer doesn’t have to ask for clarification. The best way to ensure this is by speaking in a friendly tone with a natural cadence. Similar to how you would talk to a friend over coffee or lunch.

Intuit experts tell, “Examples of some tasks include: setting up their books and chart of accounts, perform monthly categorization, reconciliation, running reports (e.g., balance sheet and P&L statement), closing their books at the end of the year, and general QuickBooks tasks.”

Be Yourself

It would help to be yourself and not pretend to be someone else. Be honest, confident, prepared and friendly. Be professional, enthusiastic and respectful of others.

It would help if you also were empathetic to your potential employer’s situation. Last but not least, you need to be a good listener!

Be Memorable

As a bookkeepers , you are a vital part of the business. You are responsible for handling the books and ensuring everything is in order. Because of this, you need to be memorable to your interviewer so they remember your position’s importance.

What does it mean to be memorable? It means being remembered as someone who cares about their work!

Hopefully, you enjoyed these tips for bookkeepers. If you didn’t know what to expect during interviews, now you do! Bookkeeping at Intuit is an exciting field with lots of opportunities.

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