Cloud of Daggers 5e

Cloud of Daggers 5e

The cloud of daggers 5e is a great spell for one-man attacks, but it has some limitations. This article will explain the Spell’s Damage, Distance range, and Cantrip. Then we’ll take a look at some other problems with the cloud of daggers. Hopefully you’ll be able to make a decision based on these issues. And of course, the next time you’re playing a cloud of daggers, remember to roll and make your decision based on that information.




A Cantrip in Cloud of Daggers 5E is a spell that deals magical slashing damage to a single target. The damage that it deals is treated as magical slashing damage, and it is immune to creature immunities and resistances. Cloud of Daggers deals damage when the creature moves into space, including standing still when it is cast. If the creature moves into space more than once, the Cloud of Daggers deals twice the damage. It can also be twinned with a Moonbeam spell, which sets up more damage for a later turn.


Another common Cantrip is Lightning Energy. This spell deals damage to an enemy within range. The target must succeed on a Strength saving throw or suffer 1d8 damage. This spell has hidden utility as it can be used to sneak attack a friendly Rogue. Unlike other Cantrips, this spell also increases the damage of a single attack by one d8. It can also be used to knock an enemy out of a group combat if a character has low HP. In addition to damage, this spell also gives the character the ability to swim, fly, and climb.




The Cloud of Daggers is a spell that deals damage to any creatures within its radius. The spell is effective for the duration of its target’s turn, but it cannot be shifted. If it affects a creature that is within five feet of the cloud, the creature will suffer 4d4 damage. The cloud remains in place until the creature is removed or the entire space is dispelled. In 5e, the Cloud of Daggers is the spell of choice to attack any creature within its radius.


The cloud of daggers can only affect creatures within five squares. When cast by a powerful wizard, it deals 4d4 damage to all creatures within its area of effect. It also has limited damage, which is why it is often used by powerful wizards. The cloud can also be released and revived at will. However, the cloud must be in a small area within the grid. Fortunately, this spell is still extremely powerful and should be considered in a game setting.


Distance range


The cloud of daggers spell can be used to affect several targets at once. The cast time is one minute and the spell requires shimmering arms and smooth hand motions. When the spell is completed, colorful energy will fly out of the user’s fingertips. This spell is effective against a variety of monsters within the cloud’s range. To cast it, a player must first prepare the spell.


This spell’s range is 60 feet. The spell lasts for the duration of the spell, which means it is useful if the target is not too close. It can be a great help when casting spells in a cave or hallway. This


spell is also useful for combat when the target is near other creatures or other spellcasters. In addition to its range, it can also affect creatures that are in range of the cloud.




When casting a spell, Cloud of Daggers deals damage to all nearby creatures. While damage is dealt in a limited area, a creature may be able to maneuver itself into the cloud. The duration of the spell allows the caster to cast it more than once a round, though it has limited damage. A creature that is caught within the cloud may be unable to move for the remainder of the round, but if it does move, it can avoid the cloud of daggers.


The spell’s duration is 60 seconds, and it cannot be dispelled. It can also be extended by blending in with an enemy mob. This means that the target is required to remain within the cloud or be slowed by something else. This spell can be useful for attacking a chokepoint, although its range is limited to 60 feet. Its effect is also boosted by shield master feats, so it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t always use it at once.


Time limit


The cloud of daggers is a powerful magical spell that can be used at will. This spell is popular, yet underrated. When cast, a cloud of daggers is formed in 5 ‘cubes’ and lasts for 1 minute.

During this time, any monsters that enter it take 4d4 damage. The cloud is not a barrier that prevents monsters from moving, but rather a distraction that keeps them from being able to attack.

Final Thoughts


A cloud of daggers is filled with spinning daggers and is 10 feet wide, but the spell text makes this seem nonsensical. If your target is directly facing you, the daggers move 10 feet each round. You should clarify the spell’s heading, since the text is a little bit vague. However, when the daggers are thrown, the distance is from 90 feet to 200 feet.

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