Career Importance of MEAN Stack Developer Certification

As we have observed that technological developments have been changing all around the world, it has created a gap between the skills of the workforce and the skills that the industry needs. Even people that hold degrees in computer science are not sufficient enough to meet the requirements. Here, certificate courses have played a huge role in bridging that gap. Software companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Oracle, RedHat have started providing certifications for proficiency in software. Digital marketing, data science, Project management, full-stack, and MEAN Stack web development are the in-demand skills for professionals.

The programming languages and the networking concepts are the basics that developers should know well. The version control systems such as Git and GitHub helps in the storage and management of program codes. Software testing is another important aspect to learn, as it helps to test the software before the official release.

The cross-platform environment, Integrated Development Environment(IDE), encryption and typography, software Development Life Cycle(SDLC), cloud platforms, Microsoft Excel are all the other important aspects that the developers must be well aware of.

With the help of scripting languages, one can design web pages. The popular languages used for this purpose are HTML, CSS, Angular, Javascript, .NET, Python SQL, etc. There is more to websites than just designing. The frontend, backend, databases, programming are the overall aspects of Mobile Applications. So, the complete combination of all of the mentioned areas is performed with the help of Full Stack and Mean Stack.

So let’s dive deeper into the details of MEAN stack developer and why enrolling in a full stack web development course is important.

What is a MEAN Stack Developer?

MEAN is a full-stack software which is a combination of javascript technologies for developing web applications. It slightly differs from full-stack development, in the sense that full-stack development doesn’t have restrictions regarding scripting languages while mean stack majorly uses javascript.

MEAN is user friendly, which allows building fast and robust websites and applications. Also, it is open-source which makes it attractive to use.

MEAN is comprised of four technologies:

  • MongoDB

MongoDB is the storage component. It is a NoSQL based database that supports programming languages like C++, Python, Javascript, and Go. It is open-source software. Known to be effective at handling the unstructured data, it is fast.

  • Express JS

Express JS is an open-source tool used mainly for back-end programming of web application and application programming interfaces. It acts as a server to all the client-side connection requests. Thus it forms the framework for the backend of NodeJS.

  • Angular JS

Angular JS is also an open-source tool used for front end work of web applications. It is developed by google to overcome the front end challenges of websites. HTML is mainly used as a template language in AngularJS.

  • Node.js

Node.js is also a licensed open source web development tool, used for real-time operations on the website. It works outside of the browser. It is used mainly for server-side and network applications.

Therefore, A MEAN stack developer is the one who works on the complete MEAN package for the development of front end and back end web applications and mobile applications. The individual must be well aware of JavaScript.

Skills Needed to Become a MEAN Stack Developer

Below mentioned are the important skills required to be a mean stack developer:

  • Both the frontend and backend of a website requires a different approach. So, the developer must know all the techniques and approaches.
  • The scripting languages such as javascript, CSS, HTML are the important skills to know, as it sets a foundation for all the other processes.
  • The programming paradigm and design architecture guidelines should be well known before starting to work on developing websites.
  • To become a MEAN stack developer, one must also know web development, continuous integration and cloud technologies.
  • The developer must know the software development life cycle(SDLC) to develop effective applications at the right time. Also developing Softwares on the agile testing environment is the required phase.

When the individual becomes well known for all the above skills, they should start working on MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js to gain hands-on experience in MEAN stack development.

Importance of Getting MEAN Stack Certified

Developing web applications through MEAN has been easier and faster. The developers can build reliable solutions from it. It is cost-effective as all the MEAN platforms are open source. The developer needs to have proficiency in JavaScript only, it does not involve other programming languages. Also, the applications can be built for the cloud using MongoDB. The server layer is being simplified by Node.js.

Career prospects seem to be bright for MEAN stack developers, as more and more businesses are investing their money for their digital presence. The web applications will only make things interactive. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of the mean stack developer is rupees 6,74,815 in India, and it is subjective to the company and its requirements. So, if you have a keen interest in developing mobile and web applications, then go for a MEAN stack certification course. It only asks you to have hands-on experience on its four platforms and proficiency in the scripting languages.

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