Best Soccer Goalies of All Time

Best Soccer Goalies of All Time

Among the most critical positions on a soccer team is the goalkeeper. His job is to protect the goal and prevent the other team from scoring. Yet, goalkeepers are rarely recognized on a broader scale. Most discussions about Football focus on Messi, Ronaldo, or Neymar. However, the role of goalkeepers is just as important and deserves more recognition. Read on to find out which players deserve the title of Best Soccer Keepers of All Time!

High-Pressure Situations

When it comes to goalkeepers, it’s often the team’s foundation. A great goalkeeper is one of the biggest difference-makers in soccer. By keeping the opposition from scoring, the best goalkeepers give their team the best chance to win. In addition, a good goalkeeper will save a team’s hopes of victory during high-pressure situations. Let’s look at the top 24 goalkeepers in history.

Modern-Day Football Fans

There are many great goalkeepers in history. The most well-known are those who have won the Ballon d’Or. Yashin won the award five times despite his lack of fame and popularity among modern-day football fans. In addition, he was named FIFA’s Goalkeeper of the Century. Lev saves over 150 penalties and keeps over 270 clean sheets. His influence is widely acknowledged.

World Cup

While few players have won the World Cup, the best soccer goalkeepers have elevated teams to new heights. For example, Madrid’s Iker Casillas has been regarded as the most outstanding goalkeeper of the decade. His two-year record in the 1966 World Cup has made him a cult hero, and he won the Golden Ball in the same tournament. Other great soccer goalies include Petr Cech, Gordon Banks, and Jens Lehmann.

Long & Varied Career

The best soccer goalies of all time have a long and varied career. Some of the greatest goalkeepers have won five times, while others have won multiple times. Some of the most popular of these players have had impressive records in various fields. Some have been awarded the award for the most prestigious of these, but many other players have also dominated the game. But the most famous goalkeepers of all time are often overlooked.

Winning & Losing

The best soccer goalkeepers are essential for every team. A good goalkeeper can make or break a team. Without the right keeper, the team can’t win a game. That’s why it’s essential to have a great goalkeeper. It’s not just about keeping the ball. Having a great goalkeeper will make the difference between winning and losing. It will also keep your teammates from scoring.

Gordon Banks

Banks is the most outstanding goalkeeper in English history despite his age. He was the captain of England’s World Cup team in 1966 and is most famous for making a crucial save against Pele in the 1970 World Cup. During his career, he was able to win 26 major trophies, including the Premier League. Aside from that, he is a part of the golden generation of England and the Soviet Union.

Most Popular Goalies of All Time

Walter Zenga is not the best goalkeeper of all time, but he is arguably the best on the line. His record-breaking ability made him one of the most popular goalies of all time. His wedding was streamed live on YouTube to more than ten thousand people. Aside from being a great goalie, Zenga is a great human being. He played for Velez Sarsfield, which is why he’s 11th on our list:

  • Some of the best soccer goalies of all time are still playing in the game.
  • The best goalkeepers make the team’s season go from good to great by preventing goals from being scored by the opposing team.

While a good goalkeeper will help the team win a match, the most excellent goalkeeper will prevent the other team from scoring and strengthen the entire team. So, it is essential to choose the right soccer goalie.

Great Soccer Goalkeepers

There are many other great soccer goalkeepers. But, there is no way to rank all of them in any way. The best goalkeepers in history were the ones who had the most wins and the most losses. But when it comes to the essential player in the world, it’s the one who embodies the spirit of the game. So, he has to be among the greatest goalkeepers of all time.

Shot-Stopping Ability

Everybody Soccer has compiled a list of the best soccer goalies in history, and this is the fifth installment of the list. Each goalkeeper is ranked based on their performance with their club and country. They are also rated on their shot-stopping ability, distribution, cross-management, and their ability to improvise on a broken play. Besides the first four lists, Everybody Soccer has also compiled a list of the best goalkeepers under 24.

Zamora Trophy

Some of the greatest goalkeepers of all time include Kasper Schmeichel, Jan Oblak, and Olivier Giroud. The legendary Iker Casillas won the Zamora Trophy five times but has been less impressive this season. However, the Belgian has been in brilliant form recently and has saved many Real Madrid goals. Courtois is the following line and should win the Zamora trophy again in 2020.


The Germans have produced some of the best goalkeepers in history. Kahn won the Golden Ball in the 2002 World Cup and helped redefine the role of a goalkeeper. Neuer introduced a new era of passing to goalkeepers. Finally, Casillas was an outstanding player in Spain. He won the Premier League in 2005 and is widely considered one of the best goalkeepers of all time.

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