Amazing Ways That Travel Empowers Women

Travel can be empowering for women for many reasons. For example, it empowers women to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their own lives. It also enhances women’s sense of control. This is especially beneficial for women who feel a lack of self-confidence. Taking a trip can give you the confidence to do whatever you want.

Ixoq Ajkeem

One of the most incredible things about travel is the opportunities it gives women to get out of their comfort zones and see the world. In the case of Ixoq Ajkeem, the cooperative’s weaving demonstration center and homestays offer a unique opportunity for visitors to experience how women create beautiful textiles and use natural dyes. The cooperative’s members use organic dyes to dye their yarn and hand-looms.

Girls Group Holiday

Girls Group Holiday is a company that empowers women through travel. Sophia Khalid is the founder of the company. She was inspired to launch this company after years of travelling. She wanted to give women an opportunity to travel and experience new cultures. She believes that travelling should be more than just a holiday; it should be an experience that helps women find their inner strength.

Purposeful Nomad

Purposeful Nomads is an experiential travel company that creates trips for women and girls around the world. The company promotes responsible travel and works to support local operations. Its trips include experiences that include meeting local leaders in sustainable tourism and participating in community projects. They also feature opportunities to live like a local and engage in the local customs and culture.


Intrepid travel empowers women by partnering with women-owned businesses in the countries they visit. This includes hotel, restaurant and supplier partnerships. The company also seeks to employ women as tour leaders. As of 2018, the company had 102 female tour leaders and is on track to reach its 2020 goal of having 342 female tour leaders.

Ride 4 a Woman

Ride 4 a Woman is an initiative that aims to empower women in Uganda by providing a sustainable means of income. The organisation’s mission is to improve the lives of women by empowering them to become self-reliant, educate their children and support their families. The charity works with women in rural communities in areas where domestic violence, HIV and poverty are prevalent. Ride 4 a Woman provides support to women by funding in-job training schemes, which enables them to provide for their families. It is also assisting them to set up their own businesses, such as a tailor-made dressmaking business.
Learning Journeys

Travel is a powerful tool for empowering women. It can help women achieve their professional and personal goals, while helping to grow their local economies.Travel empowers women not only through personal development, but also by opening doors for them. It can also provide a way for women to earn more money and become independent.Learning Journeys’ programs are designed especially for women, and many of them offer exclusive workshops and historical immersion for women.

Intrepid Marketplaces

Intrepid is the leading South-East Asian ecommerce provider. They offer expert omni-channel eCommerce management, insights and analytics, and advanced in-house technology. With offices across Southeast Asia, they can offer you a wide range of eCommerce services.

Intrepid Expeditions

Intrepid Expeditions empowers women by offering tours in destinations where women traditionally don’t have the same opportunities as men. The company actively seeks out female-owned businesses to provide travel services, and has doubled the number of female tour leaders in the past two years. These female leaders provide travelers with a unique insight into the lives of women in their countries.

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