Affordable dedicated web server hosting in Pakistan

Some trends that are evolving, especially in developing countries, like Pakistan, Srilanka, and others in the east, have made the need for a powerful dedicated server on rice. As a provider of Pakistan-based dedicated servers, our clients approach us for the following reasons.


 Here are a few things for whom these countries. 


  • AI: AI and machine learning have been forecasted to be game changers for the next. AI needs data, and locally located server providers are the best bet to collect data. Surveys indicate that 70% of large enterprises expect to implement AI in 2022, while the rest say 20% said they would deploy AI to make decisions. 
  • Cloud Adoption – Research indicates two-thirds of enterprise-sized firms want to move to a hybrid cloud, while more than 80% use a mix of cloud and dedicated servers
  • Enterprise Connectivity-  All the time, the new thing in this connected world is everywhere. Businesses need Internet Service Providers and dedicated servers in distributed locations. 
  • IoT and Edge Computing- Every thins is online now; better, the server is close to the device. So large companies need dedication in these countries. 

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