8 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Egypt

8 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Egypt

The Egyptian people are warm and friendly and are very welcoming to tourists. Although some may not be very friendly at popular tourist spots, most of them are kind and helpful. Also, Egypt is cheap compared to other top tourist destinations. The history and culture of Egypt are evident, and the beaches are some of the best in the world.

Egyptians are helpful

If you plan to travel to Egypt, you will find that Egyptians are very friendly. They are also very generous. Whether you need directions or assistance with something, Egyptians are more than happy to help. Whether you are in a crowded museum, a tourist attraction, or a busy downtown area, Egyptians are sure to be helpful.

When you are visiting Egypt, make sure to follow the guidelines in their culture


Egyptians do not tolerate confrontation and will try to avoid high-pressure tactics. In addition, make sure you dress properly. Men should wear dark suits and avoid visible jewelry. Women should wear dresses that cover the knees and sleeves. When meeting with Egyptians, always be courteous.

Egypt’s rich history is obvious

The rich history of Egypt is evident in its architecture and monuments. The ancient Egyptians used the Nile as a river and constructed a calendar based on its yearly cycle. This calendar contained three main seasons: Akhet (the time when the Nile was inundated), Peret (the growing season) and Shemu (the harvest season). The Egyptians were also master boat builders. Many of their monuments contain images of boats.


Boats were used to transport large objects and people.

The Egyptian rulers were highly powerful and straddled both the terrestrial and the divine realms. As such, they were believed to embody the office of king. This was because the ka, a spiritual force behind the human ruler, granted authority to the individual king. Kingship was also associated with the powerful falcon-headed god Horus.
Egypt’s beaches are some of the best in the world

Egypt’s Mediterranean coastline stretches for over 1,050 km from Alexandria to Matrouh. It is home to some of the world’s best beaches, and there are numerous resorts in this area. Soma Bay is a popular spot for kitesurfing, with 300 days of wind each year. It has soft, white sand and crystal-clear water.

Some of Egypt’s best beaches are in Hurghada


The city’s beaches are beautiful, but the hidden cove of Abu Dabab is an exceptional spot for snorkeling and diving. Despite its remote location, it has an easy access from the airport. Its cool atmosphere and lack of tourists make it ideal for families.

Egypt has a hot desert climate

While temperatures in Egypt range from a cool 20C at night to nearly 100C during the day, the inland desert is much cooler than the coastal regions. In the summer, temperatures in the inland desert may reach as low as 0C while reaching highs of 25C. In contrast, the coastal regions experience temperatures that are more temperate, with minimums of 14C in winter and a maximum of 30C in summer.


In cities like Cairo and Luxor, the maximum temperature is around forty-five degrees C

The Egyptian desert climate is a unique feature, with a Mediterranean influence on the north and a hot, arid climate along the Red Sea coast. The country spans northeastern Africa and southwest Asia, and is linked to both by the Isthmus of Suez. It is bordered by the Red Sea and Sudan to the east and the Gaza Strip in the northeast. The Saharan and Libyan deserts play a major role in Egypt’s climate.
Egypt has a lot to offer food lovers

If you love food, Egypt has plenty to offer food lovers. Try one of the many delicacies, including the famous stuffed pigeon.This traditional Egyptian dish is stuffed with rice and mixed nuts and is served roasted or fried. You can also try the hawawshi, which is a flatbread stuffed with minced meat.


This dish is popular with locals and is also served as a complimentary appetizer

If you’re looking for a warm drink, the people of Egypt are known for their love of tea. The Arabs brought this tradition to Egypt, and locals enjoy it. They often add lemon juice and mint leaves to their tisanes.They also enjoy a cup of kolshari or karlade, which is usually served hot or cold.
Egypt is a good place for horseback riding

Horseback riding in Egypt is a great way to experience the country’s ancient history. You can experience trail rides in the Valley of the Kings or gallops across the Giza Plateau. Some trails include sightseeing stops at the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, and you can even swim with wild dolphins in the Red Sea.


Final Words:

If you are not comfortable riding, you can take a carriage ride and enjoy the scenery from a different perspective. In addition to horseback riding, there are many other activities you can participate in during your stay in Egypt. Some places even offer horseback tours for non-riders. Other options include hiking or walking in Luxor. You can also visit a monastery at the foot of Mount Thebes.

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